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Program of the 16th year of the festival [fjúžn]

For most events, you need to register or purchase a ticket in advance. The individual events will take place in different epidemiological regimes which may change as the situation develops. Therefore, please follow the current information on www.festival.fjuzn.sk or on Facebook [fjúžn].


Thursday 16.9.

16:00 / Old Town Library, Blumentálska 10/a
workshop / free entry
Daniela Krajčová: Let’s Create Children’s Book
cooperation: Old Town Library
language: English, Slovak

A workshop for families with children aged 3-15 where you will be able to create your own books under the guidance of the artist Daniela Krajčová. To participate in the event, registration is required at marketing@starlib.sk.


19:00 / Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 78
festival opening / free entry
Humans of [fjúžn]
language: Slovak

Three women and three men whose names, accents or features often raise predictable questions. Tonight, however, they will not answer them. They will choose how they want to introduce themselves.

Starring: Milan André Boronell, Kamil Yılmaz, Sheba Juliet, Nasi A. Motlagh, Les Paskarenko, Tiago Viganó


19:30 / Teatro Colorato, Františkánske námestie 2
improvised theater / 5 €
One Night in Bratislava
collaboration: Funnylicious, ISAC - International Society for Arts and Culture
language: English

Get to know stories of diverse characters living in Bratislava. Experience the charm of improvised theater and directly influence its course with your ideas.


20:30 / Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 78
concert / 5 € presale / 8 €
Milan André Boronell & Pjoni | Alex Kelman

Last year, the [fjúžn] festival finished with a concert where musicians Milan André Boronell and Pjoni cooperated for the first time. And since we loved it, this time they will open the festival. Afterwards, the musician and producer Alex Kelman, originally from Siberia, will perform a unique combination of guitars and synthesizers.


Friday 17.9.

18:00 / Goethe Institute, Panenská 33
discussion / free entry
Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury: How I Did Not Let Myself Be Silenced 
cooperation: literarnyklub.sk, ICORN - International Cities of Refuge Network
language: English

Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury, also known as Tutul, founded the magazine and later the Shuddhashar publishing house in 1990. He had to flee Bangladesh after an assassination attempt and now lives in exile. Journalist Mirek Tóda will interview him.


Saturday 18.9.

14:00 - 22:00 / Tyršák, Tyršovo nábrežie
community event / free entry
[fjúžn] on Tyršák

A community day full of fairy tales, music, dancing, conversations and everything else. You can look forward to art workshops, drink tastings, a volleyball tournament and the stands of non-profit organisations and foreigners’ communities.


Sunday 19.9.

15:00 / start from Mickiewiczova 4
walk / free entry
[fjúžn] walk with Julia Itin
language: Slovak

Historian Julia Itin is currently preparing a book about pre-war tiles. She might mention them while she guides us across "her" Bratislava.


19:00 / Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 78
dance theater / 5 € presale / 8 €
Katarína Zagorski: Caution, Porcelain

The performance where the porcelain is the soloist of the SND Ballet, Reona Sato, combines contemporary dance, ballet, film, photography and bubble wrap to the recordings of the cult Dublin band The Jimmy Cake.


Monday 20.9.

17:00 / Bamboo, Námestie SNP 30
discussion / free entry
Is Nguyen the new Kováč?
language: Slovak

The Vietnamese have been moving to the former Czechoslovakia since the 1950s. What is the position of this community in our country today? And what could it be like in the future?

Guests: Niki Trang, Zuzana Kumanová, Viet Phuong, László Bukovszky


19:00 / Teatro Colorato, Františkánske námestie 2
theater / free entry
Forum Theater
language: English

A collective work of a group of people of different origins, created by the forum theater method, during which actors (and spectators) meet together on the stage and discuss real stories and topics of discrimination and oppression in society.


Tuesday 21.9.

14:00 / online
webinar / free entry
Stories that Move: Identity and Diversity
language: Slovak

Each of us is a member of different groups and has different roles in our lives. Some change over time, others do not. At the webinar, using the online educational portal Stories that Move, we will take a closer look at how we perceive ourselves and others.


18:00 / Hall of Mirrors, the Primate's Palace, Primaciálne námestie 1
discussion / free entry
Ask the Mayor: Q&A with Matúš Vallo
language: English

In 2019, after meeting with foreigners, Mayor Matúš Vallo said: "I wish the city to accept everyone who wants to take root in it, regardless of their origin." Venus Jahanpour will talk to him about the success of his efforts and more. 


Wednesday 22.9.

17:00 / Kalab, Zámocká 5
discussion / free entry
(Let’s) Open the Borders
cooperation: Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture
language: Slovak

A discussion on the latest research on the attitudes of the Slovak population towards foreigners and perspectives on migration policy.

Guests: Elena Gallová Kriglerová (Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture), Nina Galanská (Milan Šimečka Foundation), Ján Orlovský (Migration Office).


19:00 / Kalab, Zámocká 5
opening / free entry
Michaela Nagyidaiová: Where the Wildflowers Grow
cooperation: Kalab
language: Slovak

In 2019, Michaela for the first time visited a place in the mountains of northern Greece which her grandmother had to flee as a small child. She talks about it and more at the opening of the exhibition.


Thursday 23.9.

13:00 - 16:00 / Stará jedáleň, Kadnárova 7 (entrance from Pekná cesta)
seminar / free entry
Unity in Community
collaboration: Mareena
language: Slovak

At the seminar, Mareena will introduce you to a guide for organizing inclusive community events, as well as examples of good practice.


17:00 / Hviezdoslavovo námestie
concert / free entry
Charity Flash Mob Dance
cooperation: IWCB - International Women's Club of Bratislava, Superar Slovakia

Come and dance with the Superar children's choir and support the Center for Children and Families which helps children with disabilities and serious illnesses.


19:00 / Bohéma Bar, Námestie SNP 30
discussion / free entry
Apples & Hrušky: Komédia & Borders
language: Slovak, English

In this year's version of Apples & Hrušky, comedian Nasi A. Motlagh will discuss with her guests the boundaries which are defined and also blurred by humor. Although it helps us cope with difficult times, it can also provoke new conflicts.


20:00 / A4 – priestor súčasnej kultúry, Karpatská 2
lecture / free entry
Kapitalks: Return to Zion - or to Palestine?
cooperation: Kapitál
language: English

A lecture by the Israeli-Danish musician and publicist Jonathan Ofir, who will also talk about his trip to Lifta, one of the Palestinian villages that were ethnically cleansed in 1948.


20:30 / Bohéma Bar, Námestie SNP 30
stand-up / free entry
Joke's On You
language: English

An English stand-up comedy show where Nasi A. Motlagh, Siavash A. Motlagh, Mitch Leffler, Matej Makovický and Alan Henderson are sure to make you laugh.


Friday 24.9.

19:00 / Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 78
storytelling / 5 €
Bratislava True Stories
collaboration: Story Nights, ISAC - International Society for Arts and Culture
language: English

Storytelling is a combination of documentary and theater that offers an intimate and enriching experience for both spectators and performers. Everyone shall be on a seven-minute limit to tell their story on the subject of borders.


22:00 / Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 78
party / 8 € and 9 € presale / 10 €
Elektro Hafla: Cheb Runner | DJ Ramzy al Spinoza | Mawt
cooperation: Nová Cvernovka

Discover the rich world of club music in the Middle East, the Orient and dance world music. This time, in addition to regular residents, you will also be introduced to producer Cheb Runner - a musical hurricane with Moroccan roots.


Saturday 25.9.

19:00 / Kostol Klarisiek, Klariská 3
concert / 7 € presale / 10 €
Equal: Soho Rezanejad | Georgij Bagdasarov & Slávo Krekovič | Dreveňákovci
cooperation: Bratislava Cultural and Information Center

The final concert of unusual performers in an unusual space.

Performers: Soho Rezanejad, Georgij Bagdasarov + Slávo Krekovič, Dreveňákovci



7.9. - 20.9. / Bratislava
Humans of [fjúžn]

This year again, you can "meet" the faces of the 16th [fjúžn] festival on the posters in the streets.

to 26.9. / Archipelágo, Tyršovo nábrežie
Refjúžn Poster & ART OF FJÚŽN

An exhibition of posters created during the 2 years of the competition, which was announced by the Milan Šimečka Foundation on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

22.9. - 15.10. / Kalab, Zámocká 5
Michaela Nagyidaiová: Where the Wildflowers Grow
cooperation: Kalab

During the Greek Civil War (1946-1949), tens of thousands of children from Greece were placed in former communist or socialist countries, including Czechoslovakia.

The exhibition is a combination of two projects in which the author explores the deep connection between the individual and a specific place, focuses on migration, hidden histories and family roots and documents a place where history continues to play an important role in shaping the current atmosphere.