Funnylicious Improv Theater: One Night in Bratislava

Founded in 2014, we are Slovakia’s first and only English improv theater. We are proud of our multicultural cast members. We are here to create great memories, spread joy, and make the world more colorful through the art of improvisation.

A series of unscripted stories about a cast of diverse characters who live in Bratislava. Their interwoven tales about hope, love, desire, dreams, and fears all take place on the same night. Audience suggestions will be used and of course, will influence the outcomes of the stories. Actors randomly select the suggestions and improvise a succession of interlocking scenes right in front of your eyes. Every performance is completely unique, with the audience discovering the stories right alongside the actors. Inspired by the play ‘La Ronde (Reigen)’ written by Arthur Schnitzler. 

Bonus: We start the show with a short improv comedy performance from the ensemble. 

Long-form cast: Hon Chong, Olivia Biskupska, Chrissy Galambos, Esin Bozdag, Dejan Kuric, Martina Slobodova
Short-form cast: Peter Ploci, Felipe Aguilar Santillana, Daniel Godany
Musician: Ady Kelemen
Artistic Director: Hon Chong

This improvised play may contain adult language and mature themes. Parental discretion is advised. Feeling anxious about coming to a live improv show? Attending an improvised show is not very different from a scripted one. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Participation is NOT required.